Replacing a door with a window? There are many problems that can be solved by having windows fitted in your home.  Planning is an essential stage in covering up, replacing and relocating windows. A task that an expert should most definitely carry out, a Ironwood builder will be more than happy to construct new windows in your property.

Many thanks to Paul and the team for the recent external works on our home! Excellent job! ” – Facebook Review.

Why Should You Choose Ironwood For Replacing a Door with A Window in Your Home?

Is it time to restructure the exterior of your property? We will effectively rework your home to facilitate the installation of any window you may want. We have the materials, knowledge and experience ready to provide practical and watertight structural solutions. When it comes to working with and roofs and external walls, we understand what it takes to make sure your house remains totally free of damp. It is because of our dedication to your happiness that we are always cautious when completing a construction project of any variety. You can always expect our builders to follow regulation and abide by safety codes while carrying out your structural works.

You may be in need of window restructuring if you;

  • Are thinking of renovating your home
  • Are planning an extension or conversion
  • Would like to improve the light flow of your home
  • Are downsizing your property
  • Would like to replace an external door of any type
  • Are creating an open plan living area

We can facilitate the installation of any variety of window frame. This includes; sliding, pivoted, sash windows, lantern windows etc. We can even carry out the structural works needed to fit a skylight window! If you are converting your loft, we will ensure that your skylight windows are safe, secure and completely weatherproof.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Cover up, relocate and construct new window areas on the exterior of your home; whether this be on your roof or walls.
  • Put precautions in place to ensure your windows are structurally safe and long lasting.
  • Carry out inspections before and after the restructuring process to make sure that the project has been completed to highest standard

Integrate or reposition windows in your property with help from the Ironwood Builder and Joiners.

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Benefits of Replacing a Door with a Window in your Home

Transform your interior with more light 

Compliment your open plan living 

Improve views of property surroundings

Delighted with work carried out on my property…” – Facebook Review

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Not convinced about having your windows re-structured? The builders and joiners from Ironwood will help you in deciding the best plan of action for your property. We have experience in construction solutions across commercial and domestic realms, so, you can trust our qualified advice!


Turn to the Ironwood team when looking to install, move or cover up your windows.