Adding Doors

Adding Doors

Adding a doorway into an existing interior wall? If you’re remodelling your home and thinking of changing up the entry ways, your only option may be putting a door in a load bearing wall. Because adding doors is such a complex structural project to complete, it is essential that you seek the help of experienced Ironwood Contracts.

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Why Should You Choose Ironwood For Adding Doors in Your Home?


The Ironwood structural experts are used to the intricacies and complexities involved with putting a door in a load bearing wall. It is because of our vast experience in adding doors to living areas that we understand how to successfully and promptly find solutions for structural problems. The walls doors and frames in your home will be safe and secure in the hands of our skilled builders.

Remodelling your home is an exciting time! We will effectively carry out the fitting of your single, double or barn-style doors to create a whole new living environment. Because the Ironwood team always strive to achieve the best results, you expect a high level of dedication and passion while any structural works are being completed.

You may be considering putting a wall in a load bearing wall if you;

  • Want to add an extension
  • Are thinking of restructuring your home to accommodate a bathroom under the stairs
  • Would like to have an ensuite fitted
  • Are in the process of opening up the space between two rooms – this may be required if you have are going to have a baby and want their nursery to link to your bedroom directly 
  • Are starting working from home so need to remodel and create a suitable office space
  • Need to make your home more accessible to wheelchair users

Putting a door in a load bearing wall is a convenient and hassle free way of bettering a home layout. Not only will it allow for improved communication between you and your family, adding doors will also better the light and air flow between rooms. If you’re bored and tired of the functionality of your living area, the installation of another doorway may reinvigorate your love for your home. 

What Can We Do For You?

  • Add doors to your existing interior walls in any part of your home 
  • Use skill and eye for detail to make sure your new door ways are structurally safe and aesthetically perfect
  • Carry out the project in a swift and timely manner without causing any inconvenience to your household

Improve the flow and functionality of your home with help from Ironwood Builder and Joiners.

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Benefits of Putting a Door in a Load Bearing Wall

Create a whole new way of living for you and your family 

Increase flow of light and air in your living and sleeping areas

Open your home creating an improved sense of space

“…very professional well mannered young men. Work was completed on time to a very high standard. Everything discussed to make sure that everything suited and was appropriate for the needs of an elderly couple. Would recommend.” – Facebook Review

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Doorway in Load Bearing Wall from Ironwood Contracts


Still unsure if you need the addition of a doorway to a load bearing wall? A Ironwood expert can provide answers to any question concerning the remodel of your home. Our dedication to creating ideal homes for people means we are always on hand to provide the highest standard of domestic construction advice.

Rely on the team from Ironwood when adding doors to your internal walls.