Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Looking to remodel your home? The Ironwood Contracts are experts in removing load bearing walls. Knocking down the internal or external walls of any house will completely transform the layout. Our experienced team will complete the complicated process of removing load bearing walls to ensure your property keeps structual strength and safety.

“Thank to Chris and Paul and the team for putting my flood damaged house back to normal, I am over the moon with my new kitchen and bathroom I would highly recommend them. First class workmanship and a very friendly bunch of guys.” – Facebook Review.

Why Should You Choose Ironwood Contracts For Removing Load Bearing Walls?

To remove an internal wall from any home is a very complex project that must be completed by an experienced contractor. There are several things that could go wrong if you try and complete the removal of a load bearing wall without guidance or experience.

Our team of structural specialists will carry out essential prior checks to the building to make sure wall removal is possible. This will include inspecting plumbing and wiring, as wall removal could potentially affect these elements. Then, after approval, will carry out the process with care. Our Ironwood Contracts will make sure that every part of the building is inspected after the wall is removed, leaving your home structurally sound. Subsequently, we can advise and install beams or columns in place of the wall, for additional support.


What Can We Do For You?

  • Complete the load bearing wall removal task with ease and constant consideration for safety
  • Provide a highly skilled team with many years of combined experience
  • Create the opportunity for you to change the layout and style of your home

Remove a wall in your home today!

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Benefits of Removing Load Bearing Walls

New possibilities for room layouts

Improve amount of light in your home

Larger, more modern and open plan spaces

Load Bearing Wall Removals

“Bathroom totally transformed, absolutely amazing job done, place left spotless as well, would recommend these chaps in a second to anyone, great work lads! thanks!” Facebook Review.

Glasgow Builders

Load Bearing Wall Removal from Ironwood Contracts

Preparing for a home renovation? Our Glasgow builders will be there at every step of the project, ensuring the structural change goes smoothly. We offer a high quality, efficient service and our team always put safety first. Because of this safety conscious approach, we pay very close attention to each detail and element of every task we carry out. Inspecting and reviewing before, during and after the project.

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