Structural Works

Structural Works

Looking for a builder to carry out essential structural works? A structural design specialist from Ironwood Contracts will carry out any construction project using first class skill and materials. From the installation of beams and windows to the removal interior walls; Ironwood can transform your home.

“…I am over the moon with my new kitchen and bathroom, I would highly recommend them.” – Facebook Review.

What Can Ironwood Contracts Do for You?


We are dedicated to completing every structural works project to the highest of standards. Remodelling is full of difficult structural design tasks! However by using our services and experts, your property will be in the safest hands. It doesn’t matter if we are adding one window to your home or a completing a renovation; our group of qualified, professional builders are here to meet any and all of your requirements.


Why Might Your Property Need Structural Works?


You could be considering restructuring your property for a variety of reasons. However, the construction works we offer are necessary when you are;

  • Creating an open plan living area! Removing an internal wall is an essential when looking to remodel your home for open plan living. Make sure your building work is carried out properly by our joiners!
  • Improving accessibility. Trying to better the functionality of a space? Adding doors can be a tricky project to achieve with no experience; you can rely on us!
  • Making your property safer. If you’ve recently moved and the property requires some essential work for structural stability, a Ironwood engineer will install the beams and windows needed. 
  • Thinking of the future. Not only can the structural works we offer benefit your current lifestyle and modernise your much loved home; they will add value to your property! If you’re considering putting your home on the market in future, trust the Ironwood experts.

Why Should You Choose Us?


  • Perfection is important to us; we work carefully, always keeping an eye on the smaller details.
  • We use the most quality structural design materials available. 
  • We always complete work in a timely manner, ensuring client satisfaction at each stage.


Rely on Ironwood Contracts for construction excellence.

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…totally transformed, absolutely amazing job done, place left spotless as well, would recommend these chaps in a second to anyone, great work lads! thanks!” – Facebook Review.

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Structural Design Works from Ironwood Contracts


Make the most of your property and ensure it is structurally sound with the help from our builders and engineers. We have carried out a number of essential structural works on properties in and around the Glasgow area! All of which have improved and transformed the daily lives of our clients. Thanks to the amazing abilities of our team, we can take on any project, of any scale and location. Whether you’re looking for ongoing restructuring or a one off task, you can rely on the Ironwood Contracts.

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