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House Foundation Design

Building a new home or property? Worried about existing foundations? All buildings need a solid foundation, whether you are building a new property or have concerns about the existing foundations, it is essential that the building has a strong foundation. Glasgow builders, Ironwood Contracts offers building and house foundation design and construction as well as foundation underpinning. Our expert team can carry out a full house foundation design and construction, for both new and existing properties.

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What Can Ironwood Contracts do for You?

At Ironwood Contracts we cater to both new home construction projects as well as existing properties. In both cases, we will provide a full house foundation design to ensure that your foundations are completed to the highest of standards, securely supporting your house for years to come.

What is Foundation Underpinning?

Underpinning is used to repair or add strength to existing house foundations. Underpinning is often used when there are plans to add additional storeys to a home, ensuring that the foundations are able to support the additional weight. You may also require underpinning if cracks have appeared on your property as this may suggest that the foundations are faulty. If you fail to address this issue, it may result in walls buckling in your home, or flooring to become cracked causing your home to become unsafe. Fortunately, Ironwood Contractss can help you with foundation underpinning, talk to us today to find out how we can help you.

Building New Foundations

When it comes to building foundations for a new home, there are a number of options, these include:

  • Basement foundations
  • Crawlspace
  • Concrete Slab

Each of these foundations requires a house foundation design to ensure that the most appropriate structure is selected and constructed, providing full support for your future property. Ironwood Contracts are able to cater to all types of foundations as well as more unique and complex tasks, helping you to safely construct your home.

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Basement Foundations

The deepest of the three main foundation types, basement foundations provides you with the ability to double the size of your property. This is due to the depth (typically at least 6 feet) of the foundations as well as the foundation being the same size as the above floor space. Typically constructed using concrete or bricks and mortar, your basement can be fully underground, or somewhat exposed. Basement foundations which are exposed on one or more sides are also known as “daylight basements” and are suited for homes built on a slope. This means that while a large portion of the basement foundations are fully underground, one or more of the sides is exposed, allowing for windows and even doors, allowing you to utilise your basement space.


Elevating your home a few feet above the ground, a crawlspace is much smaller than a basement, making it more affordable. However, if the crawlspace is not properly conditioned and ventilated, it can lead to issues with damp and moisture. If you are interested in this type of foundation, Ironwood Contracts can ensure that it is protected against damp with our damp proofing service, protecting your home for years to come.

Concrete Slab

Constructed on grade (ground level) slab foundations are constructed of a large concrete slab which rests on the ground. While slab foundations are typically constructed at ground level, they can be elevated, this can be considered and incorporated during the house foundation design stage. While this type of foundation can be very cost effective, issues may arise if the ground is prone to frequent freezing and thawing which can cause the concrete to crack. Fortunately, Ironwood Contracts can provide you with advice and guidance to ensure that you find the most appropriate foundations for your home.

House Foundation Design, Construction and Underpinning

Ironwood Contracts can help with all your foundation needs, catering to both new projects and existing properties. Talk to us today about house foundation design, construction and underpinning.

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