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Are you looking for superior decking for your garden? At Ironwood Contracts we have years of experience in installing decking across Glasgow. Decking is a great addition to any outdoor space. For the best decking Glasgow has on offer, look no further than Ironwood Contracts.

“Completely transformed my garden, decking, fence and artificial grass. Amazing job – so happy with it!” – Facebook Review.

Types of Decking

At Ironwood Contracts, we offer a wide range of decking, including:

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Composite materials

Each material creates a different look and feel in your garden. We can help you choose the most suitable decking material for your garden to ensure that you can make the most of your new decking space.


How we work?

Why should you choose us for your decking installation?

For a number of years, our team have been creating custom deckings, allowing our customers to enjoy their outdoor space. Key elements we provide include:

  • Expertise and wealth of knowledge from qualified and licensed contractors covering all types of decking and joinery.
  • We work with quality timber suppliers to ensure that we use the best materials for your decking.
  • We cater to a range of traditional and unique styles.
  • Clear and honest communication from day one.

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Benefits of Decking

Decking is an excellent, low maintenance solution for any garden space. Providing a multi-functional area which can be used for socialising, eating or even playing, decking is a great alternative to gravel or patio spaces. Additionally, decking can be installed in sloped or uneven gardens as one level or split level decks to maximise the potential of your outdoor space.

Little excavation or groundwork required

Easy to change and add to

Brilliant for families

Maximise your available space

Improve your garden aesthetic

Cover up unsightly areas

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Know Your Decking Material

Not sure which decking material to choose? Have a look at the table below to get a better idea of the options you have available to you.

Pressure Treated Wood


  • Traditionally made of pine
  • Treated to protect the wood from rot, fungus and wood-boring insects
  • Most popular choice for decking around the world

Natural Softwood


  • As the wood is not treated, it has a more natural finish, creating a very warm and rich appearance
  •  Natural softwoods contain tannins and oils which protect the wood from natural decay, rot and insects
  • Redwood and Cedar are great natural softwood options



  • Some great hardwood decking options include: oak, mahogany, cumaru and massaranduba.
  • These woods are resistant to insects, fungus and rot

Composite Wood


  • Increasingly popular due to the ease of maintenance and the wide range of colours and styles available.
  • Typically created using a combination of wood particles and plastic

Maintenance Level: High

  • Requires some maintenance to ensure that the wood does not warp, crack or split.

Maintenance Level: Medium

  • Requires some maintenance, but less than that of pressure treated softwood

Maintenance Level: Low

  • As such as strong woods, they require far less maintenance than softwood alternatives
  • It can take longer to install and may require pilot holes and concealed clips and fastenings

Maintenance Level: Low

  • Composite decking is weatherproof, therefore requires little maintenance or protection
  • But, it is important to remember that it won’t look like wood, but it will still look great in any garden

Glasgow Decking Installation

As the best Glasgow decking installers, you can rely on Ironwood Contracts for all your decking needs. From selecting the best materials to suit your needs, wants and budgets to constructing a decking which will last for years to come, you can rely on Ironwood Contracts. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in decking installations, so we are happy to provide you with meaningful guidance and advice to ensure that we find the best decking for you.

“Their work was done to a high standard and they completed the job in the time they said they would. They always turned up on time and cleared up after they left.” – Facebook Review.