Dry Rot

Worried about dry rot in your home? Whether you live in an older home or a new building dry rot can have a devastating effect on your infrastructure. Luckily Glasgow builders, Ironwood Contracts, can help you! Providing a comprehensive solution to dry rot and protecting your property from future outbreaks.

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Dry Rot Spores

Spotting Dry Rot

Some of the signs of dry rot include:

  • Damp and musty smells
  • Wood that has shrunk, darkened or cracked
  • A smooth grey or mushroom coloured skin often tinged with lilac or yellow that can be peeled like a mushroom.
  • Fruiting bodies growing
  • Rust red coloured spore dust
Dry rot on wood

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot, also known as Serpula lacrymans, is a wood-destroying fungus that can cause widespread structural damage in buildings and boats. Outbreaks of dry rot have the ability to spread quickly as it can travel through building materials other than wood. Because of this, it is important to quickly identify and treat any dry rot outbreaks

Dry rot

Treating Dry Rot

Dry rot can only affect wood that is damp. It is important to first remove the source of the moisture before treating the dry rot outbreak. Once the timber has been allowed to thoroughly dry out the dry rot can then be controlled. Measures must be then taken to protect the wood to defend it against any future outbreaks. Masonry work may also be required if the dry rot has passed through it at any point.

Many thanks to all the team for really working flat out to have our extension wind and watertight on the day they said. This project was on hold for a few weeks due to circumstances out with CP’s control but they certainly came up with the goods in around 2 weeks. Great job guys and we are delighted.

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Preventing Dry Rot in Your Building

Facing dry rot in your home? Worried about the potential damage of dry rot in your property? Ironwood Contracts can help deal with your dry rot outbreak and protect your premises from any potential outbreaks in future. As a full accredited SafeGuard Europe contractor Ironwood Contracts has the damp proofing solution for you, protecting your building for years to come!

Not sure if you have a problem with dry rot? Our specially trained team can help deal with any kind of damp, mould or rot issue including full damp proofing and wet rotRequest your free quote and let a member of our team help fix your home.