Damp Proof Courses and Moisture Barriers

Damp Proofing in Glasgow

Facing damp in your home? Worried about the potential damage of damp and moisture in your property? Ironwood Contracts can help you with damp proofing Glasgow can rely on!

Worried about damp or moisture in your home? Whether you live in an older home without damp proofing, or if you have recently installed a new floor, Ironwood Contracts can help protect your home from damp and moisture with damp proofing.

Glasgow builders, Ironwood Contracts can help you, providing a comprehensive damp course or moisture barrier to protect your property.

Why should you choose Ironwood Contracts to protect your property?

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Do I Need a Damp Proof Course?

Damp proofing is incredibly important as it can protect your home from moisture which can lead to the decay of your property foundations causing structural damage as well as issues on the interior of your property. You can identify damp relatively easily, if there is noticeable damp climbing up the walls, or other areas of damp in your home, this is a clear indication of damp problems. Ironwood Contracts can also survey your property to identify any damp before it becomes a real problem in your home.

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What Does Damp Proofing Involve?

Damp proofing involves applying a damp proof treatment to areas of your home which have been or may be affected by damp to create a damp proof barrier. This is often known as a damp proof course when a damp barrier is created and placed on walls or floors. While many properties have this installed at the time of construction, this is not always the case and damp can become an issue in any property.

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What Can Ironwood Contracts do for You?

The team at Ironwood Contracts can help with any damp proofing Glasgow homes may require, ensuring that the property is protected against damp and moisture. Firstly, we will ensure that damp has not already penetrated your building and foundations, ensuring that we can resolve any issues and protect your home from any further damage. Following this assessment, we will begin to treat and damp proof your home accordingly.

Bathroom totally transformed, absolutely amazing job done, place left spotless aswell, would recommend these chaps in a second to anyone, great work lads! thanks!

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Not sure if you have a problem with damp? Our specially trained team can help deal with any kind of damp, mould or rot issue including dry rot and wet rot. Request your free quote and let a member of our team help fix your home.