Thinking about converting an outbuilding on your property? Whether it's for commercial or domestic purposes, the Glasgow builders from Ironwood can complete any construction project. With our combined experience and dedication to carrying out structural tasks with complete consideration for safety, security and quality; you can rely on us. As we explained in our last post, now is the time to think about home and business improvements! We all know how unpredictable the Scottish weather can be. So, make sure you are planning for renovations or conversions to be completed in the spring and summer months!

Reasons for Converting an Outbuilding - Structural Works from Ironwood Contracts

converting an outbuilding

Thinking about converting an outbuilding? Ironwood Contracts can help you.

New Office Space

One of the most common reasons people convert or renovate an outbuilding is to turn it into a home office. If you're lucky enough to have the space, why waste it? If you work from home and struggle with being distracted and unmotivated, think about converting an outbuilding.

Separate Annex

Do you have a member of your extended family living with you? Why not design a separate "granny annex" for them. Whether this family member is elderly or young, converting an outbuilding could be the solution to the problem of space and limited functionality within your home life. Not only will renovating an outbuilding provide more privacy and a sense of calm for both parties, it will make use of an otherwise unoccupied plot of land!

For Hobbies

Do you have a hobby that takes up a lot of room? Why not make the most of the abandoned space on your property and convert it to be used for storage your sporting, crafting, musical equipment etc. By relocating to an outbuilding, everything needed to practice your favourite past time will be organised in one place, and easy to access. Whether you need room to rehearse an instrument or to practice throwing clay; you can do so in your newly converted outbuilding from CP! Rely on Ironwood Contracts to help you make the most of your property in the warmer months.